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Formed in 2006, Chemical Poets have performed at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe, the Wickerman Festival, and at gigs and spoken word events across Scotland.

They perform a soundclash of broken word, grotesque burlesque, punk venom, and ritual invokkation... the light entertainment at the end of the tunnel.

Ramshackle. Focused, caustic while enthralling, soothing yet rousing; the world of Chemical Poets is an exhilarating experience.

Chemical Poets are: Tickle (Burning Bright), Harlequinade (Sileni / Church Of When The Shit Hits The Fan) and Texture, with music by Gung-Who (Sileni), Asthmatic Astronaut, and mo-seph (Kresch).

Critical acclaim for Chemical Poets:

"Likeably spiky."
- The Scotsman

"Underground sensations."
- The Skinny

"Ginsberg's famous line 'whole intellects disgorged in total recall' springs to mind when you hear these literary outsiders in full flow ...you quickly find yourself absorbed in the collision of reflexive word-play and information-age angst, drawn in by their complex verbal rhythms and emphatic chants. Channelling the fractured energy of 'Generation Y'... exceptionally inventive."
- Three Weeks [re. Fringe show 'Twenty Tentacle,' * * * *]

- Radio Scotland

"Rich depths indeed... ideas splash and crash meaning nothing & everything; truth made transparent will turn you into some kind of demented nodding hound, lapping it all up; slinky, snaky rhymes will make you grin... glorious juxtaposition... Get out there and hear 'em."
- Brikolage